ALL Grain Complete Starter Kit

ALL Grain Complete Starter Kit

ALL Grain Complete Starter Kit

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ALL Grain Complete Starter Kit

This is Everthing you need to start mashing your own beer apart from water

Only 1 boiler / HLT? you will need to heat the mashing water first, then dogh in,
while that is mashing heat up your sparging water
When sparging collect the run off into a fermenter, then once all done pour the sweet wort into the boiler

APPROX SAVING £25.00 (When Buying Items Separately)

• Brew your Own British Real Ale Book
• Thorn Electric Boiler
• Insulated Mash Tun
• Wort Chiller
• Digital Thermometer
• LCD Thermometer
• Brupaks London Bitter Mash kit
• Paddle
• 30 ltr Fermenting Bin
• Airlock
• Hydrometer
• Sterliser VWP 400g
• 5 gallon Pin Valve Barrel
• Co2 Bulbs and Holder

APPROX SAVING £25.00( When Buying Items Separately)

Please note you will need something like Hoselock Fitting to connect the wort chilller to your taps as in the UK there is not a standard Tap.
There is no tubing as gravity does all the work

Please note If are OUT OF STOCK of somthing in the starter kit, we may swape for equal or better value

Its very easy to make beer from all grain
it does take a lot longer then making a beer kit, Allow approx 6 hours
to make a beer from grains once you have mashed your beer then fermenting is the same
as a beer kit

All Grain Mashing Course We run these course's about once a month from march onwards which covers all aspects on how to mash a all grain beer

It takes approx 7-10 days to ferment the beer

Once fermented you need to store the beer to condition which will takes approx 3-4 weeks

You ferment the beer at room temperature anything from 16-21oC will be fine. Best not in a airing cupboard as this is far too hot

Then once bottled or barrel store at room temperature for 7-10 days to condition the beer, then more to a colder place to help clear the beer

Once the beer is made it will keep for 6 months - 1 year as long as the beer has conditioned in the bottle.

Always check tap is tightened before use
Starter Kit Weight 15kg
Delivery on Average take 2-3 Working Days
(sometimes longer During busy times)

For UK
Mainland UK, Order weight Under 1kg = £3.12
Mainland UK, order value Over £65 = FREE DELIVERY
Mainland UK, order value Under £65, But order weight Over 1kg = £6.50

Saturday delivery to mainland UK £25.50 (must have the order by, 2pm Friday)
Some postcodes we can't send on Saturday Delivery like AB 51

For Northern Ireland ( BT Post codes)
Northern Ireland order weight Under 1kg = £3.12
Northern Ireland order weight 1kg - 29kg = £9.00
Northern Ireland order weight 30kg - 59 kg = £18
Northern Ireland order weight 60kg - 89 kg = £27

Channel Islands - Jersey and Guernsey
Under packed order weight 1kg = £2.60 ( No Vat)
Order weight is 1kg - 25kg = £18.00 ( No Vat), 2 day service
order weight is 25.01kg - 50kg = £36.00 ( No Vat), 2 day service
order weight is 50.01kg - 75kg = £54.00 ( No Vat), 2 day service

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