Cider Starter Kit 5 Gallon - Barrel

Cider Starter Kit 5 Gallon - Barrel

Cider Starter Kit 5 Gallon - Barrel

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Cider Starter Kit 5 Gallon - Barrel

Has the basic equipment you need to make Cider, all you need is water and a little time.

The Cider kit is included in this pack with sugar that will produce a good result at a good price

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Please note the equipment may be swaped for equal or better value


• 5 Gallon Barrel with Pin Valve
• Co2 Bulbs and Holder
• 30 ltr Fermenting Bin
• Airlock
• Paddle
• Syphon Set
• Steriliser
• 2 x 1 kg Sugar
• Lcd Thermometer
• Hydrometer
• Magnum Cider Kit

Its very easy to make cider, This starter kit has all you need apart from water

It takes approx 7-10 days to ferment the cider

Once fermented you need to store the cider to condition which will takes approx 3-4 weeks

You ferment the beer at room temperature anything from 16-21oC will be fine. Best not in a airing cupboard as this is far too hot

Then once bottled or barrel store at room temperature for 7-10 days to condition the cider, then more to a colder place to help clear the cider

Once the cider is made it will keep for 6 months - 1 year as long as the cider has conditioned in the bottle or barrel.

Making cider from a kit, is pretty much the same as making a beer kit, hence the basic beer instructions below

Basic Instructions on beer making(PDF file) Click to download

To be honest No! just water

All the other equipment you are going to need is in the starter kit

For your next brew you are likly to need

Another cider kit can be any not just a Magnum kit

Fermenting Sugar

If you have not drunk your beer then more bottles or even a barrel for your next batch

Sterliser is great to have spare amount of it, as you always run out when you need some

Cider Kit weight :-1.7kg, Starter kit Weight 8 kg Approx
Makes:- 40 pints / 5 gallons
ABV Approx:- 5.%
Finishing Gravity Approx:- 1.010
Fermentation time:-7 days approx
Conditioning time:-4 weeks
Fermentables required:- 1.4kg brewing sugar ( Included in the starter kit )
Priming Sugar: Approx 100 grms ( Included in the starter kit )
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