Blend and brew your way through our home brewing course


Homemade beer brewing is vastly becoming a popular hobby, and no wonder! As well as saving you money, you can experiment with ingredients to make your brew unique; it’s fun too! Not persuaded yet? Well here are some unexpected benefits of becoming a craft home brewer:

What you can gain from crafting your own beer

  1. A great hobby: Have a busy work and personal life? Well home brewing doesn’t take much time and only takes a few hours. Not bad when you get to have a beer at the end as a reward!
  2. Get your creative juices flowing: Hand crafting your own brew means exactly that; you can choose to craft your beer with unlimited ingredients and a wealth of techniques, to stir your imagination!
  3. Be social: There’s something rather magical about sharing your lovingly-made home brew with friends and family. The home brewing community is ever increasing as well, and its becoming a popular social hobby, to share your creations with and talk all things beer.
  4. It’s healthy: Yes, that’s right, beer (in moderation) can be good for you. Beer contains natural nutrients such as, folate, vitamin B and anti-oxidants to name a few. Because of the vitamins and phytonutrients, it’s good for your heart too!


Funnily enough, we know all about home brewing and provide an All Grain Mashing Course for all you budding home brewers.

Our experts will take you through the processes and techniques of brewing beer, as well as talking about Hops, Grain, Yeast, Equipment used and general home brewing advice from Bottling, Barrelling using Corny kegs. We will make sure by the end of the course that you have all the knowledge you need to go forth and brew!

If this has wetted your appetite, then book your place here.

UPDATE – This course has now SOLD OUT! However, we will be posting future dates soon so check back!