Home brew. To some those words bring up a picture of Dad or Granddad making big vats of potato wine, cloudy old bitter in the bath tub or some other form of dangerously strong liquid that made for an interesting family Christmas. Luckily for us, the art of home brewing has come a long way and it’s now easy for everyone to have great tasting, fresh and unique beers, ciders and wines at home. Not only is it super easy, it’s also super affordable! With the price of a pub-pulled pint steadily creeping towards the £5 mark (or more in some places, we’re looking at you, London!) more and more of us are seeking a cheaper option to enjoy a cold one. When you think you could buy completely self contained brew kits for to make 17 pints at around £1.50 a pint, that’s not bad going.


The great thing about modern home brewing is that it is truly accessible for everyone. Our customers range from first time buyers brewing their first batch of beer using our simple starter kits, to seasoned semi-pros with a range of specialist equipment to optimise the brewing process.


One of my favourite starter products is the Coopers ‘Brew It Yourself’ Starter Beer Kit which is a one-stop shop for all you need to get brewing. Coming as a complete kit, the Coopers BIY kit contains everything you need except for a can opener and some water! It won’t take up too much room (it’ll fit in a cupboard) and all the equipment is completely re-usable, meaning your second batch is even more cost effective! There’s a range of different beers available to brew, so have a look at get started now!


As far as beer kits go, there’s not much of a ceiling as far as equipment goes – the more experienced you get, the more you want to brew, and the more in control of your recipes you want to be, you can add brewing equipment to your hearts content. If you browse our site, you’ll find everything the more experienced home brewer needs, from mashing equipment to fermentation equipment, bottling aids, chemicals and testing equipment; if you need it, we’ve got it.


If it’s wine you’re after, then it’s just as easy to get started with that too, with kits like the Solomon Grundy Wine Starter kit pretty much only needing added water to get you on the road to wine making success. Again, this equipment can be re-used with other recipe kits so the value just keeps getting better.


Recently, Scottish brewery ‘BrewDog’ recently released all of their recipes, for free! This means that with your home brew setup, there’s nothing stopping you from creating their fantastic beer ranges, at home. Or, you can use those recipes as a guideline to creating your own brews. What better way to impress at a dinner party, a birthday, Christmas or even a wedding, than providing a taste of your own home brewed, unique, personalised brew.


If you feel like you want to take a step up, the why not learn from the experts, with our All Grain Mashing course coming up in September 2016? Check out here for details and get signed up!


Happy Brewing!