Homebrew Shed

Brewing at home is a rewarding passion that delivers the delicious results of your masterful craft. With our homebrew starter kits you can turn a garden shed into a homebrew shed with a microbrewery and bottle the source of your labour ready for the fridge.

Benefits of brewing in the garden

There’s a fair amount of kit behind each bottle of beer and the kitchen table is not always the ideal place to start. A garden shed offers space enough to house the hardware and can be out-of-site from little fingers turning taps to see what happens. Outside, the aromas can be enjoyed by the brewing savant masterfully crafting the beer of all beers.  People have been brewing for 1000s of years and depending on your skills there’s even a homebrew competition when you develop a winner.

Another big advantage of having a dedicated brewing space is cleanliness. If the shed is just for brewing, there’s less clutter and less chance of anything entering the barrel and ruining the taste. If the hobby accelerates, sheds offer storage for both the bottled beer and extra fermentation bins or buckets to maintain a healthy supply.

A few added extras that help with the process

An electrician will be required to add both lighting for those winter evenings and a plug for the fridge to keep the brew chilled. Although not essential a water supply and sink are useful attributes that will keep the alchemy under one roof and save trips to the kitchen sink. Unless you’re the size of a hobbit, a sturdy table to hold equipment is a worthwhile investment. Jugs need a shelf or hooks to hang from along with different spoons and paddles used in the process. A shed is an investment for a brewing passion that can last a lifetime.

Home Brew Shed, homebrewing Shed