Mangrove Jacks at The Home Brew Shop

Since 1969, The Home Brew Shop has carried the finest quality brewing and fermenting equipment from some of the world’s top brands. One such brand that The Home Brew Shop is proud to feature the Mangrove Jack product range. Mangrove Jack’s is a…


Homebrew Shed

Homebrew Shed Brewing at home is a rewarding passion that delivers the delicious results of your masterful craft. With our homebrew starter kits you can turn a garden shed into a homebrew shed with a microbrewery and bottle the source of your labour…


The joy of home brewing!

Home brew. To some those words bring up a picture of Dad or Granddad making big vats of potato wine, cloudy old bitter in the bath tub or some other form of dangerously strong liquid that made for an interesting family Christmas. Luckily…


All Grain Mashing Course – September 10th!

Blend and brew your way through our home brewing course   Homemade beer brewing is vastly becoming a popular hobby, and no wonder! As well as saving you money, you can experiment with ingredients to make your brew unique; it’s fun too! Not…


We have a new website

Hi folks! By now, you’ve probably seen our brand new website which we’re very proud of. We hope that shopping for all of your home-brewing goods and needs will now be quicker and easier than ever before. This blog is also a new…