Hop Pellets - T-90 Type

Hop Pellets - Type 90 Range

Please note leaf hops are a natural product, and the alpha acids do change from batch to batch we do try to keep the web site updated, but during busy periods we can't update the site fast enough. Hop Harvest years may also not be 100% up to date, if there is a big differance please let us know
Hop Pellets - T-90 Type
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      Comet Hop Pellets 100g
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      Warrior Hop Pellets 100g
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      Admiral Hop Pellets 100g
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      Yakima Chief Hops® Amarillo® T90 pellets - 50 g 07/10/23 REDUCED
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      Yakima Chief Hops® Cryo Hops® Amarillo® Hop pellets 25g 07/10/23 REDUCED
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    Hop Pellets

    Hop pellets are an essential ingredient in the brewing process of beer. They are created by drying and then compressing hop cones into small, pelletized form. These pellets provide an efficient way to store and use hops in the brewing process.

    The use of hop pellets has become increasingly popular in the brewing industry due to their convenience and consistency. Unlike whole leaf hops, hop pellets are less susceptible to oxidation and are easier to store. They also provide a more predictable bitterness and flavour profile in the beer.

    When using hop pellets in the brewing process, it is important to choose the right variety for the desired flavour and aroma. Each hop variety has its own unique characteristics, such as citrus or pine notes, and can be used to create a wide range of beer styles.

    Hop pellets are typically added to the brewing process at different stages, depending on the desired outcome. For example, adding hops early in the boil will provide more bitterness, while adding them later in the boil will contribute more to the aroma and flavour of the beer.

    In addition to their use in brewing beer, hop pellets can also be used in cooking and baking. They can add a unique hoppy flavour to dishes such as breads, sauces, and even ice cream.

    Overall, hop pellets are a versatile and essential ingredient in the brewing process of beer. They provide consistency and convenience, while also allowing for a wide range of flavour and aroma profiles in the finished product.