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Demijohns and Fermenters
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      Grommet for Airlock
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      Spare 25 ltr Fermenter O Ring
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      Spare Fermenter Cap 4"
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      Fermzilla Carry Handle
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      Carboy Cap With Vents
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      Carboy Cap
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    Glass Demijohns for sale

    Discover what The Home Brew Shop in the UK, has to offer for you to buy. We have  a wide selection of demijohns in various sizes to suit all homebrew & brewing and winemaking projects.

    1 gallon or 5 gallons, we have the right glass demijohn or fermenter for you to buy. Along with your homebrew we have a range of wine kits to fill the demijohns and fermenters you buy at a price for you. just ready for your homebrew

    We also have a range of airlock and bung to fit. If you a winemaker we got the lot and were in the UK. We offer range of different price for homebrew.

    Glass Demijohn Sizes - 1 gallon up to 5 gallon

    For smaller 1 gallon batches, a glass demijohn be fine, we have range of fermenters right upto 50 ltr plastic fermenters, but 1 gallon demijohn and 5 gallons glass demijohn are the most popular for your homebrew winemakers.

    A 1 gallon demijohn, holds around 4.5 ltires while the 5 gallon is around 23 litres.

    As we have 1 gallon homebrew wine kits ideal for 1 gallon, glass demijohn and 5 gallon wine and beer kits for the larger fermenters. All at a competitive price in the UK.

    Demijohn Materials

    A 1 gallon, glass demijohn is durable and see-through for the perfect fermentation monitoring. They don't retain odours like plastic. However, glass is heavier and can break. 1 gallon plastic demijohn are lightweight for easy handling. They won't break like glass demijohn. 

    Demijohn Care - 1 gallon

    Sterilize glass demijohn thoroughly before each use with an effective no-rinse sanitizer. Avoid using harsh chemicals which could leach flavours. Rinse well with water. Glass demijohn can become slimy when wet. Don't forget airlock and bung will also need cleaning.

    Sorry but homebrew orders for glass demijohns can't be sent by mail order, this includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, thw whole of the UK sorry but glass demijohn just won't make it in 1 piece.