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Beer Kits By Beer Type

What are Beer Making Kits?

Homebrew beer making kits are kit that allow you to brew beer at home. You will  typically need items such as a fermenter, airlock, thermometer, bottling bucket, tubing, bottle filler, sanitiser, and ingredients such as malt extract, hops, yeast, and priming sugar if not making beer from a beer kit. kits include detailed instructions, making it easy for even someone with no previous brewing experience to make beer.

The process typically involves mixing the ingredients, fermenting the mixture, and then bottling and carbonating the beer. Depending on the kit, you can make different types of beer, such as ale, lager, stout, or wheat beer. Beer making kits are a fun and interesting hobby that can result in delicious, homemade beer.

Beer kits are made with Hopped Malt Extract and also come with brewing yeast, these kits do not need to be boiled and are very easy to brew for your perfect pint at home.

Most beer kits are classed in 2 sizes, 1.5kg/1.8k these kits will need brewing sugar or a beer enhancer to make the final beer, You also have 3kg and 3.2kg kits in general these are going to be all malt kits, so no need for brewing sugar or beer enhancers for fermentation.

What to do after you fermented your beer?

In general you will need to condition your beer for up to 4 weeks, before drinking this will allow the profile of the beer to develop and carbonation. You have 2 main choices for your beer, either bottles or barrel, both have the good and bad points.

Bottles you can put in the fridge, give to friends but a pain when it comes to filling them and cleaning and sterilising the bottles as if using 1 pint bottle you will have 40 to prepare and fill. But the results of the beer are better then a barrel.

Beer in a barrel is faster and easier as you only have 1 vessel to clean and fill, down side keeping it cool and some times the barrel leaks beer or even co2, but once you got using a barrel nailed they are good. The choice is yours for your pint of beer at home.

Home brewing Equipment needed:-

You will require basic brewing equipment to make the beer kit
Here is a simple starter kit Starter Kit With Barrel to allow you to make the beer if you have not already got brewing equipment
Below is a list of the essential equipment needed to make a beer kit
Fermenting Bin 25 litres + - To ferment the beer in
Pressure Barrel or Pet Bottles, 2 packs enough for 5 gallons of beer - To Store and condition the beer ready for drinking
Syphon Equipment - To aid moving the beer from the fermenter to the barrel or bottles
Hydrometer - To Measure the gravity of the beer when it starts and finishes
LCD Thermometer - Sticks on the fermenting bin to help you get the right brewing temperature 16oC - 24oC is best for beer
Steriliser - Not equipment but is essential part to keep all equipment clean and sterilised when used
Water - Beer is made from 95% water. Tap water will be fine, filtered is better to remove the chlorine will help give you the best result.