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Muntons Beer Kit Range - Muntons Beer Kits
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      Muntons Flagship Milk Stout Beer Kit
      £29.22 £24.35
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      Muntons Wheat Liquid Malt Extract
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      Muntons Gold Old English Bitter Beer Kit
      Regular Price £22.68 Special Price £18.96 £15.80
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      Muntons Gold Imperial Stout Beer Kit
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      Muntons Gold India Pale Ale Beer Kit
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      Muntons Gold Continental Pilsner Beer Kit
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      Muntons Gold Docklands Porter Beer Kit
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      Muntons Gold Highland Heavy Ale Beer Kit
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      Muntons IPA Beer Kit 1.8kg
      £15.54 £12.95
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      Muntons Nut Brown Beer Kit 1.8kg
      £16.50 £13.75
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      Muntons Beer Kit Enhancer 1kg
      £6.00 £5.00
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      Muntons Light Spraymalt 500g
      £4.98 £4.15
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      Muntons Medium Spraymalt 500g
      £4.98 £4.15
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      Muntons extra Light Spraymalt 500g
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    Muntons Home Brewing Product Range 

    Muntons Flagship Beer Kit Range

    Using only the finest ingredients including Muntons high quality malt extract, premium hop pellets and Fermentis yeast, our Muntons Flagship range allows you to brew 35 pints of carefully engineered craft beer at home.

    Muntons Connoisseurs Range 1.8kg Beer Kit Range

    Muntons Connoisseurs range brings together an uncompromising blend of quality ingredients designed to brew truly exceptional beers.

    Muntons Gold Range 3kg Beer Kit Range

    The Muntons Gold range was developed to introduce all malt recipe beer kits to home beer makers looking to brew top quality traditional beer styles from convenient kits.

    Muntons Beer Kit Premium Range 1.5kg

    The Muntons Premium range has stood the test of time offering homebrewers a wide range of premium quality beer kits emulating classic beer styles from around the world.

    Muntons Hand Crafted Range 3.6kg Beer Kit Range

    Muntons Hand Crafted kits are top of the range when it comes to delivering a quality brew. Each kit contains uniquely developed and individually canned extracts of the best brewing malts and finest choice hops.

    St Peter’s Brewery Beer Kits

    With the concept of brewery based beer kits well established we have formed a relationship with St Peter’s brewery to develop a beer kit range that accurately matches their popular commercial beers. Every new beer kit launched is shaped and approved by their head brewer.

    Geordie Homebrewing Beer Kits

    Geordie beer kits come in a range of beer styles offering great beers at honest prices. From a smooth drinking Yorkshire style Bitter to a refreshing English Pub Lager the choice is yours. Go on, treat yourself today, you can trust a Geordie pint.

    Tom Caxton Beer Kits

    Tom Caxton – the name that all home beer makers will remember. Tom Caxton launched the “homebrew” concept and brought this fascinating hobby to the attention of the British public back in the 1970’s by a series of highly visible advertising campaigns and good distribution through High Street outlets.

    Woodfordes Brewery Beer Kits

    Woodforde’s top quality beer kits have been developed in conjunction with the Woodforde’s brewery using their original grist formulation to accurately emulate the individual character of the Woodforde’s commercial beers.

    Tiny Rebel Brewing Co Beer Kit CWTCH

    The award winning “Cwtch”, a Welsh Red Ale from the Tiny Rebel Brewing Co, is now available as a home brew kit!

    Muntons Malt Extracts

    Take your brewing to the next level - Create your perfect pint using our malt extract to create a unique beer tailored to your taste. Choose one of our pre-built favourites or build your recipe from scratch. Enhance Your Beer - Add our malt extract to all grain or extract recipes to boost volume, add body and mouthfeel whilst maintaining a balanced malt taste suited to citrus and fruit flavours – it’s what our craft brewers are doing in their latest innovations.

    Gervin Wine Yeast & Muntons Beer Yeast

    The Gervin strains of yeast are used worldwide by the professional and amateur winemaker and beer maker and will always produce a top quality result!

    Muntons Spray Malt - Dried Malt Exract

    Spraymalt will improve the quality of any beer kit when used in place of sugar. It will brew beers which are less ‘dry’, with more richness, body and improved head formation and retention. Hopped Spraymalt will add an extra ‘hoppy’ bite to all the beers you make.

    Muntons Beer Kit Enhancer

     Muntons beer kit enhancer has been developed to improve the finish of any 'add sugar' beer kit.