Chemicals and Ingredients

Chemicals and Ingredients
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      SafAle S-33 Beer Yeast
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      Wyeast 2206 Bavarian Lager Yeast - Use By 17/03/2024 REDUCED
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      Dried Rose Petals 50g
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      ABC Yeast Energizer 250g
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      ABC Campden Tablets 250g
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      ABC Bentonite 250g
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      ABC Wine Tannin 250g
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      ABC Citric Acid 250g
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      ABC Acid Blend 250g
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      Bulldog Medium Cider Yeast
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      Alcotec 48 Turbo Carbon Yeast
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      puriFERM Carbon Turbo
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      Wine Sweetner 50ml
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    Ingredients and Chemicals are the back bone of any great beer or wine relies on the quality of its ingredients.

    Starting with cleaning products being the most important product for making beer or wine at home.

    The Home Brew Shop offers a wide range of chemical ingredients for home brewing enthusiasts. To choose products that you will use when wine making. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced brewer, they have you covered with quality products. Please use all Chemicals saftey

    1. Sterilisers and Cleaning Agents:

      • Maintaining a clean brewing environment is crucial to prevent contamination and ensure great-tasting beer. The Home Brew Shop provides a variety of sterilisers and cleaners to keep your equipment pristine. Most requires mixing with water to activate the chemical compounds to remove the contaminants. More deatils can be found on the product label for safety.
    2. Finings for Wine and Beer:

      • Achieving clarity and stability in your final products is essential. The shop offers finings that help brewers clarify their wines and beers.
    3. Beer Chemicals and Improvers:

      • Enhance your beer-making process with specialty chemicals and improvers. These can impact flavour, aroma, and overall quality.
      • Treatment of water is essential for making beer.
    4. Wine Chemicals and Improvers:

      • For wine enthusiasts, The Home Brew Shop has a selection of chemicals and improver products tailored to winemaking. Nutrients will help wines ferment better. Most chemicals are preservatives and are classed as such with E Numbers
    5. Tartaric Acid and Citric Acid:

      • These products play a role in adjusting acidity levels and enhancing flavours in both beer and wine. These are also preservatives as in food additives just like ascorbic acid.
    6. Chemsan No Rinse Sanitizer Range:

      • A reliable sanitiser is essential for keeping bacteria away and maintaining hygiene during brewing. The Chemsan range of products ensures effective sanitation without the need for rinsing Please read the product label for manufacturers usage and dose.
    7. Chemclean Powder (PBW Replacement):

      • An alternative to PBW (Powdered Brewery Wash), Chemclean Powder is an excellent product for cleaning brewing equipment. Please read the product label for manufacturers safery instructions.
    8. Ingredients for Flavour and Aroma:

      • The Home Brew Shop also offers a wide variety of Chemical ingredients to enhance your brews. From malt extracts and grains to hops and yeast strains, you can experiment and create your signature beers.
    9. Concentrated Grape Juice, Oak Chips, and More:

      • Explore their selection of concentrated grape juice, oak chips, and other flavour-enhancing ingredients. Sugar is one of the most used ingredients use in wine making and beer brewing. We supply sugar in 1kg bags.
    10. Expertise and Support:

      • Beyond supplies, The Home Brew Shop is a hub for knowledge. Their experienced brewers are available to provide guidance, answer questions, and support your brewing journey.
      • Please be safe, read the instructions for safety and for the environment
      • Chemicals used wrong can be harmful for humans if consumed directly

    All products can be ordered via the web site, easy to use, if you have an account we have a point loyalty scheme of which you need to register for.

    Just add all the products to your basket and paid for and processed, we get the order of  products packed and sent by our experts. For more information on shipping policy please click here.

    Remember, brewing is both science and art, and The Home Brew Shop aims to make your experience satisfying and enjoyable. Cheers!