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Whole Malt - Brewing Grain
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    Benefits of using whole malt in brewing

    Brewing beer is an art that requires the right ingredients to create the perfect taste. One of the essential ingredients in beer brewing is malt. Malt is a type of grain that adds flavour, colour, and texture to beer. It is obtained by sprouting and drying grains such as barley, wheat, and rye. There are two types of malt, i.e., whole malt and malt extract. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using whole malt in brewing.

    1. Better Flavour

    Whole malt offers a more complex flavour profile than malt extract. This is because whole malt retains all the natural flavours and aroma from the grains. In contrast, malt extract is processed, and some of the flavours may be lost in the process. Brewers who use whole malt can enjoy a unique taste in their beer that is not possible with malt extract.

    2. Health Benefits

    Whole malt has several health benefits that are not found in malt extract. Malt contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are essential for the body. Some of the vitamins found in malt include vitamin B complex, vitamin E, and vitamin K. These vitamins help in promoting healthy skin, hair, and nails. They also boost the immune system and enhance energy levels.

    3. Flexibility

    Whole malt offers more flexibility to brewers than malt extract. Brewers who use whole malt can customize the flavour and aroma of their beer by adjusting the malt's quantity and type. This means that brewers can create unique beer flavours that are not possible with malt extract.

    In conclusion, whole malt is a better option for brewers who want to create unique beer flavours, enjoy the health benefits of malt, and save costs in the long run. Although it may require more effort and time than malt extract, whole malt's benefits are worth it.