SG Wines Platinum Wine Kits 30 Bottle

SG Wines - Platinum Wine Kits - Formally Solomon Grundy.

There is also an issue with some of the wine kits, due to being cold there sugar drop out in some of the kits. The are fine to be made and the sugar crystals will dissolve when warmed up.

SG Wines Platinum Wine Kits 30 Bottle
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    The popular 7-day winemaking brand, Solomon Grundy, has evolved into SG Wines and we’re excited to bring this fresh new look to you today! With updated packaging and modern branding, SG Wines brings old Solomon into the 21stcentury.

    The sub brands, Country, Classic, Gold and Platinum remain the same, as do all the varieties, so don’t worry you’ll still be able to buy your favourite varietal-style, fruity, or classic red, white, or rosé wine under SG Wines! 

    At SG Wines are planning plenty of supporting content to help you create your own wines in just 7 days, starting with this video. Click here to see SG Wines Video

    You will notice some packaging changes, such as the juice, which is now packed in a pouch or bladder (Platinum range) rather than a plastic bottle or jerry can.

    This means the juice is nitrogen flushed, ensuring the juice doesn’t deteriorate as quickly resulting in an improved finished product.

    So, although we’re slightly sad to see him go, as the old poem goes,“...this is the end of Solomon Grundy”. Here’s to the journey ahead with SG Wines!


    SG Wines - Solomon Grundy Platinum 30 Bottle Wine Kits

    With the Solomon Grundy's Platinum 30 Bottle Wine Kits, you can become your own winemaker and craft exceptional wine in the comfort of your own home.

    Each wine making kit includes everything you need to produce 30 bottles of quality wine, accept for water and brewing Equipment.

    The wine making process is easy, just  follow, the step-by-step instructions included.

    Wine kits come in lots of different types these include Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio, and Chardonnay and lots more so you can pick the right wine description for you.

    Platinum Wine Kits Product Information

    Each kit contains grape juice concentrate and all the ingredients to make, wine Yeast, Wine Finings, Yeast Nutrient etc for more product information please click on the Product

    How to Make Your Platinum Wine Kit Products

    1. Sterilise All Equipment you going to use VWP is a Perfect Choice
    2. Add about 5 litres water into a 5 gallon Fermenter
    3. Add the Grape Juice the large jerry can in the kit and stir
    4. Rinse out the jerry can into the fermenter with more water just to get all the juice out
    5. Then top up the fermenter with water to around 23 Ltr / 5 gallons level
    6. Then add the Wine Yeast and the Yeast Nutrient sachets.
    7.  Stir the fermenter so the yeast will get hydrated.
    8. Now put the lid on the fermenter, if it has a hole fit a bung and airlock not forgetting to fill the airlock with water. 
    9. Move the fermenter to a warm place some were the temperature is around  between 20º-25ºC  so fermentation can start which will take around 5 days
    10. If using an airlock, the bubbles will slow down, then its time to add the finings some kits will have add-backs so check with instructions when to add them. Best to use a Hydrometer to check the wine
    11. You can move to another fermenter to make life a bit easier, but in the same fermenter will work
    12. Once clear you then rack off into bottles or other storage vessel
    13. Please read the Platinum wine kit instructions for FULL instructions on these products

    SG Wine Platinum Kits FAQ'S Information

    Question, What if my wine does not start?

    Answer, Do a few checks on the wine like temperature, if adding sugar check to see dissolved, give it a stir, try adding more yeast

    Question, How do I know the wine has finished fermenting?

    Answer, The only real way is to use a Hydrometer and the gravity of the wine, the airlock will also slow/stop bubbling and little or no activity on top of the wine. It take about a week to ferment.

    Question, Why my airlock is not working?

    Answer, Sometimes the lid of a bucket or fermenter does not seal 100% and CO2 will escape the easiest way it come, bypassing the airlock

    Question, What is my wine is not clear ?

    Answer, if you have added finings to the wine, moving it to a cold place can help, but try to avoid disturbing the sediment. Wait a day or two, as making wine does not always follow the timing in the instructions. Did you de-gas the wine before adding the finings? try adding more finings.

    Question, My wine is taking along time to ferment?

    Answer, Wine does not always follow the time scale in the instructions, as the wine could be too cold or even too hot. As long as its fermenting it is fine, If not and you done all the checks, then try adding more yeast