Festival World Beer Kits Range

Festival World Beers kits use only the very highest quality liquid malt extracts and genuine brewer’s yeast and priming sugar.
Festival World Beer Kits Range
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    Festival World Beer Kit Range:

    Following on from the successful range of Festival Premium Ale Kits that paid homage to great UK Beers, Festival have introduced the Festival World Beer range to showcase a varied selection of beer styles from around the world. With careful research, help and knowledge from professional brewers, Festival World Beer Kits enable you to recreate examples of a variety of World Beers, all within the comfort of your own home.

    Festival World Beers kits use only the very highest quality liquid malt extracts and genuine brewer’s yeast and priming sugar. The hop pellets are simply added half way through fermentation infusing flavour and aroma into the finished beer. The precisely measured addition of priming sugar ensures the correct level of carbonation is achieved for each particular style of beer.

    Each kit contains only the finest quality ingredients and easy to follow step by step instructions, making Festival World Beer Kits the UK’s most comprehensive and complete premium liquid malt extract beer kit ever produced.
    So what are you waiting for? Let your celebration begin today.

    Festival Belgian Dubbel Beer Kit

    Rich chocolate with a white fluffy tan head with a wonderful mixture of fruitcake and plum and cloves.
    Tasting a nice rich chocolate fruitcake and dark spicy autumn fruits

    Festival Belgian Pale Ale Beer Kit

    A pale ale with a pale gold with a white fluffy head with spicy cloves and banana aroma with a sweet malt character. Giving a rich malt sweetness and spicy yeast character which are both refreshing and satisfying

    Festival New Zealand Pilsner Beer Kit

    A Golden style with a big fluffy head which has masses of passion fruit and spicy lime and a hint of cut rock melon, which comes through on the palate with perfect bitterness

    Festival US Steam Beer Kit

    This lovely beer has a light cooper with a white fluffy head which has a rounded toffee note with a herbal hop character which tastes of toffee and caramel with a light earthy character finished with a firm bitterness

    Festival Vienna Red Lager Beer Kit

    Light Cooper with a white fluffy head, with a deep fruity peach like character with a cedar wood finish and a hint of sweet herbs Good malty deep satisfying body with crisp bitterness with a touch of grassiness

    Festival World Beer Kits Ingredients:-

    Premium Liquid Malt Extract
    Genuine Brewer's Yeast Strains
    Hop Pellets Additions Centennial, Citra, Motueka
    Priming Sugar
    Allergy Advice :- May Contain Barley and other Cereals, containing gluten


    Festival World Beer Kits Equipment Needed

    Here is a simple starter kit Starter Kit With Barrel to allow you to make the beer if you have not already got brewing equipment
    Below is a list of the essential equipment needed to make a beer kit
    Fermenting Bin 25 litres + - To ferment the beer in
    Pressure Barrel or Pet Bottles, 2 packs enough for 5 gallons of beer - To Store and condition the beer ready for drinking
    Syphon Equipment - To aid moving the beer from the fermenter to the barrel or bottles
    Hydrometer - To Measure the gravity of the beer when it starts and finishes
    LCD Thermometer - Sticks on the fermenting bin to help you get the right brewing temperature 16oC - 24oC is best for beer
    Steriliser - Not equipment but is essential part to keep all equipment clean and sterilised when used
    Water - Beer is made from 95% water. Tap water will be fine, filtered is better to remove the chlorine will help give you the best result.