Equipment Only Starter Kit 5 Gallons

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Equipment Only Starter Kit 5 Gallons

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Equipment Only Starter Kit 5 Gallons

All the equipment needed to ferment a Wine, Beer or Cider Kit, can also be used if you going to use real fruit or apples to make your own wine or cider

Here is the list of the Equipment in this starter kit:-
• 2 x 30 Ltr Fermenting Bins with Tap and grommet
• Steriliser 100g
• Bottle Filler
• 2 x Airlocks
• Hydrometer
• Hydrometer jar
• Thermometer
• Long Spoon
• 2 meters 1/2 Syphon Tube
All the equipment apart from the steriliser is re-useable

The idea is you ferment in 1 bin then once finished fermenting you rack it of into the other bin, let it settle for a day or 2 then if bottling use the bottle filler to fill the bottles or the syphon tube for barreling or wine dispenser

This starter kit saves £5.00 approx rather then buying the equipment seperately

How Easy?
Most wine kits are very easy to make you just sterlise the equipement open the juice add the juice top up with water add some yeast, In most cases its as easy as this.

Wine kits takes between 7 days to 6 weeks to ferment depending on the range of kit this equipement is used with Cantina takes 7 days, California Connisseur / Beverdale 4 weeks, Selection / Kenridge 6 weeks
Once fermented the wine would require bottling and the wine would be best to leave it to mature before drinking 3-4 weeks in most cases, 8 weeks for the Selection / Kenridge kits.

Beer and Cider kits takes between 5-10 days to ferment then you want to keep 3-4 weeks to mature and condition before drinking

Anything Else Needed ?
A 5 gallon Wine or Beer or Cider Kit

Bottles (Approx 30) and water to make the kit possible some sugar depending on the wine kit Or a barrel depending what is being make some beer kits and cider kits will require sugar and or beer enhancers

All the other equipment you are going to need is in the starter kit.
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