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Don't forget once you have used the alcohol calculator tool, we have lots of other tools that also free to use

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If you are a home brewer who loves brewing and making homemade beer, wine or cider then the ABV - alcohol by volume calculator or alcohol calculator homebrew

will enable you to make a estimation of the alcohol for your home brew Using Original Gravity[OG] and Final Gravity[FG] readings

to find these you will need to use a refractometer or hydrometer

To increase ABV in beers and wine during fermentation is a matter of adding more brewing fermentables
just don't add too much, wine and beer is all about balance. To much Alcohol will not make it taste better
just the reverse it will make it worse. This is more important with beer kits and wine kits, you can add almost anything that ferments
Honey, molasses, maple syrup just to name a few, best thing with a beer kit is to experiment with your home brew
We would suggest you keep the 1st brew the same and then changing up the 2nd brew
seeing what's happened, Just remember you can add more to the beer or wine you can't take it out once it's in the brew

Dried Malt Extract adding malt extract either hopped or even liquid can increase the ABV of your beer and improve the flavour as well.

Brewing Sugar is the easyest way to add ABV and also the easyest way to mess up the balance of a beer, beer should be more about flavour rather then alchohol 

Keep and eye on the ABV by using this handy free ABV Calculator from The Home Brew Shop
To use the ABV Calculator you will need to use a hydrometer to take the readings at the start of the fermentation and at the end
input the data into the ABV Calculator and you will have the approx ABV

We do have many more free to use homebrew tools HOME BREWING TOOLS & CALCULATORS you can use these to fine tune your

brewing creations for better or worse these home brew tools might help to improve your beers or wines making you brew smart

Here is a list of all ABV for different types – Beer 3 to 12%, Cider 4 to 9%, Wine 5 to 16% Liqueurs 12 to 60%

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