Grains and Adjuncts chart

The grains and adjuncts chart is a comprehensive reference tool that provides detailed information on various grains and adjuncts used in the brewing process. This chart is a free resource for brewers, both amateur and professional, as it offers a clear overview of the different types of grains and adjuncts available, their characteristics, and their potential impact on the final beer product.

With this chart, brewers can easily identify and select the grains and adjuncts that best suit their desired beer style and flavor profile. The chart includes a wide range of grains, such as barley, wheat, rye, corn, and oats, along with various adjuncts like rice, honey, fruit, and spices. Each grain and adjunct is accompanied by a concise description, highlighting its flavor contributions, fermentability, and potential effects on mouthfeel and head retention.

In addition to the detailed descriptions, the chart also provides information on recommended usage rates and brewing techniques for each grain and adjunct. This ensures that brewers can make informed decisions when formulating their recipes and achieve the desired characteristics in their beers. Whether you are a seasoned brewer looking to experiment with new ingredients or a beginner seeking guidance on grain selection, the grains and adjuncts chart is an invaluable tool that will enhance your brewing knowledge and help you create exceptional beers.