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Vinbrite Filter, from Harris - Filter kit for your, wine and spirits. Makes your wine brilliantly clear and so quick and easily. Also the filter can be used on a spirit wash to prevent off-flavours in the distillation process. Uses Pads which will need to be replaced each time they are used.
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What is a Vinbrite, Wine Filter?

A Vinbrite filter is a filter kit / filtering system used by winemakers to remove unwanted particles from wine. It is an essential tool that helps to ensure the quality and clarity of the wine. A vinbrite is great for this job

The filter kit, uses filter pads which filters the wine to remove sediment, yeast, and other particles that can affect the taste, aroma, and appearance of the wine.

Vinbrite a Essential Tool for Winemakers

Winemaking is an intricate process that requires precision and attention to detail. One of the critical steps in making high-quality, wine is filtration. The filter is an essential tool for winemakers that aids in the removal of unwanted particles from, wine resulting in a clear and smooth end product. Wine can make excellet gifts, but wine don't look good if it has floaters in the wine

Benefits of using a Filter kit

Using a vinbrite wine filter has several benefits of filtration of wine, including:

1. Improved wine clarity

The Vinbrite filter, removes unwanted particles, resulting in a clear and bright wine. Clear wine not only looks more attractive but also has a better taste and aroma with a filter.

2. Consistency

Vinbrite ensures that the wine is consistent in taste, aroma, and appearance. Wine will be clear and consistant free of sediment with a filter.

3. Time-saving

Filtering wine using a filter is faster than using other traditional methods. This is because the filter pads are more effective at removing unwanted particles, requiring fewer passes to achieve the desired clarity.

4. Cost-effective

Filtering wine using a filter is cost-effective in the long run. This is because it reduces the need for other methods of clarification, such as fining and cold stabilization, which can be expensive.

How does a Wine Filter Kit work?

The filter works by using a series of filter pads that remove unwanted particles from the wine by filtering. The wine is syphoned into the top of the filter, and gravity pulls it through the filter pads, which trap the unwanted particles.

The filtered wine then flows out of the bottom of the filter and into a sterilised container or demijhon suited for your wine

Using a wine filter kit on cider kits, is a good idea to remove the yeast is you want a still cider, from your cider kits but be aware of the foam that may be produced while you are using it, this happen due to the natural co2 in the cider, use a degasser 1st to remove the co2

If heavy sedimet is in the wine, if you add finings a few days before and then transfer to a sterilised demijohn 1st there will be less sedement for the filter kit to remove.

It can take time to to filter the wine, if there is a lot of sediment in the wine or if fine pads are being used

Choosing the right filter pads for the filter

Choosing the right pads for your wine, is essential for achieving the desired level of clarity in the wine. There are different grades of pads available, crystalbrite pads, prime pads, Filtrabrite pads, its sometimes best to start with Prime pads 1st, to remove most of the sediment

then move up to the Crystalbrite pads to relly clear the wine

Filtrabrite Pads (Fine Grade)

Prime Pad (Coarse Grade)

CrystalBrite Pads (Premium Grade)

Setting up and using the Filters

Setting up and using the Vinbrite filter is a straightforward process. Here are the steps involved, The wine filter comes with several parts that need to be assembled before use. The filter body is where the pads go. Follow the instructions carefully to ensure that the filter is correctly assembled.

Includes the following

The Vinbrite, filter kit, which works with a filter, pad and uses 1 pad at a time each, pad should only be used once in the filter

Don't forget to pre-soak the pads, otherise it will soak all your wine instead e.g if using the Prime Pad soak in water 1st then filter the wine and any other pads need to be soaked before hand
The kit includes the filter components, does not include any wine ( sorry )

1 x Filter Body
2 x Trial - Crystalbrite Pads 
2 x Trial - FiltaBrite Pads 
2 x Trial - Prime Pad

Syphon Tube 
Flow control Clip 
Locking Ring 
Full set of instructions 

We do sell the pads separately please see top right of the page

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