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Peach and Passion Cider kit - Good level of sweet verse dry, the sweet peach is lifted on your palate by a tangy passion fruit finish, with the two flavours complimenting each other well in this winning combination. Young's Boxed Ciders are Gluten Free.
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Peach & Passion Fruit Cider Brewing kit

Makes 40 pints at approx 4.8% ABV

Peach & Passion Cider Kit Ingredients

Pear juice concentrate, glucose syrup, peach juice concentrate, passion fruit juice concentrate, citric acid, malic acid, natural passion fruit flavouring, yeast nutrient, flavourings natural colouring (anthocyanin), dried yeast, artifical sweetener (acesulfame potassium) water, preservative (sodium metabisulphite)

Cider Instructions Each kit makes 40 pints of refreshing fruit cider and includes:

  • Clear and simple step-by-step instructions.
  • 2.4kg premium grade fruit concentrate mix.
  • 1kg of brewing sugar.
  • Genuine Cider making yeast – A strain specifically chosen which confers exceptional depth of flavour from the fruits.
  • Priming sugar sachet – precisely weighed to ensure perfect level of carbonation is achieved in every batch.

Peach & Passion Cider Kit Instructions

  1. Thoroughly clean and sterilise all equipment.

We recommend Young’s Cleaner Steriliser.

  1. Stand the pouch on a flat surface and carefully cut across the top of the pouch.
  2. Pour the liquid concentrate from the pouch into the 5 gallon sterilised fermenter, rinse out any residual liquid using warm water, add to the fermentation vessel, and stir well.

Add 1kg of dextrose brewing sugar provided then an additional 3L of boiling water, stir vigorously until totally dissolved.

  1. Top up to 23L mark using cold tap water, again stir well. Check liquid temperature is between 18 – 28°C (64– 82°F).

Add the contents of the Cider Yeast, Nutrient and Sweetener sachet and stir. (Do not add the flavouring at this point)

  1. Fit an airlock and grommet to fermenter lid then secure lid to fermenter, ensuring that the seal is airtight.

Half fill the airlock ‘U’ with water to protect during fermentation.

  1. Leave to ferment ensuring temperature remains between 18 – 25°C (64 – 77°F).

If temperature falls below 18°C (64 F) there is a possibility that fermentation may stick, in the colder months it may be advisable to use a heat pad or Brew belt.

 If fermenting above 25°C (77°F), the quality of the Cider maybe significantly reduced.

  1. Leave to ferment for 6 days (or until airlock stops bubbling).

 Check the specific gravity (S.G.) using a hydrometer. If fermentation has finished, the S.G. should be within two points of the table below.

If not then leave to continue fermenting for a few more days and check again.

IMPORTANT WARNING: The S.G. must be stable for two consecutive days before bottling.

Never bottle until fermentation is complete.

  1. Clean/Sterilise ALL bottles and syphon before use.

Rejecting any glass bottles that have chips, cracks or imperfections.

PET bottles may also be used.

  1. Syphon the Cider into another sterilised vessel, add the flavouring sachet and stir, then dissolve the contents of the priming sugar in 200 ml of boiling water.

Once completely dissolved add this priming sugar solution to your Cider and stir well to ensure the solution mixes completely into the cider.

 You are now ready to syphon into bottles.

We suggest leaving 5cm (2 inches) of headspace, this method will guarantee an even spread in each bottle and will carbonate your Cider giving perfect results.

Seal the bottles and store in a warm place between 18 – 25°C (64 – 77°F) for a minimum of 7 days before moving to a cool dark place.

  1. If barrelling, add your priming sugar directly into the barrel, and then syphon Cider directly from your fermentation Vessel.
  2. Your Cider will be ready to enjoy after 14 days in the bottle/barrel, ensure cider is chilled well before serving.

When decanting be careful not to disturb the sediment if bottled.

Ciders will condition and improve if left for a longer period. Optimum time 6/8 weeks for best results. Cider Variety Specific Gravity(S.G.)

 Strawberry & Lime 1.001

Peach & Passion Fruit 1.006

Raspberry & Mango 1.006

Equipment is not included in with this kit, you only need basic fermenting equipment and of course bottles or barrels once fermented


To Make Youngs Cider Kits

you will need the following Equipment

  1. A food grade plastic or polythene container with a loose fitting lid large enough to hold 40 pints (23 litres). A 25 litre fermenting vessel is ideal
  2. A length of plastic tubing to syphon the fermented beer into bottles or a barrel.
  3. A pressure barrel or bottles sufficient for40 pints (23 litres) PET (Plastic) fizzy drink bottles are suitable or brown beer bottles with crown caps are ideal. Note - Do not use glass bottles with cracks or chips in them or non-returnable glass bottles.
  4. A proprietary cleaning agent such as Youngs Cleaner/Steriliser to clean your equipment.

Optional Items for Cider Kits

  1. hydrometer & trial jar are useful to check the progress of fermentation and final gravity.
  2. thermometer & heater tray or brew belt (for optimum temperature control)

OR for fermentation if you got no equipment then a starter kit like this would be great. But you still will need Bottles or a Pressure Barrel

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